JM AMP Theme plugin for your Joomla website!

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We've just released JM Amp - a powerful Joomla theme plugin created for an wbAMP extension. Now you can generate AMP version of your Joomla website content.
Your website will be indexed by Google automatically through meta tag submission and you can be sure that it will load almost like lightning on mobile devices. AMP is really very fast! 
This theme plugin comes with many useful options that allow customising the fonts and colours of AMP pages.
What should you know about AMP? The full name is:/ Accelerated Mobile Pages and it's an open source project started by Google in 2016. It aims for present content to mobile users and faster loading of mobile pages. AMP pages indexed by Google are presented to mobile users when they use search option by Google but also in Google News, iPhones and Android apps.   
Check the tutorial about Amp theme for Joomla website  
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