Monster Content Challenge 2018 Summary

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February is the best time to summarize the previous year.

A brief review: last year, we launched a writers challenge and an opportunity for skilled authors to make money. Writers who had their engaging blog posts approved by the TemplateMonster moderator earned 30% from each purchase made by a referral from their post. Mutual profit – TemplateMonster ( blog received new content and authors got paid for every purchase made through their piece of content.

In 2018 the Monster Content Challenge will be rebooted with a new manager!

What should you know to become a member of the Monster Content Challenge program? First of all, you need to register, then write and send us your article, wait a bit until our moderator reads it. The best articles will be published on our blog with more than 1 million readers.

We are looking for articles that cover web development, online marketing, and design issues but it’s up to you what kind of content you will stuff your article with. Images, videos, infographics, statistics; everything fits it.

If you are a skilled writer and can create compelling posts, what are you waiting for?Write a remarkable text, register, and start making money from it!

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